Our Story

"I want a platform that makes me feel good about myself"

Mady Dewey and Ali Howard are friends from college, whom after 8 months together in Seattle, found themselves living alone, far from family as COVID-19 hit. In a time of immense isolation, both turned to social media as a way to find community, but as their screen time went up, their mental health went down.

Trapped in the game of social comparison and recognizing they needed help, the duo began researching how to improve their well-being and found a theme:

Want to feel better? Eliminate social networking apps.

Not to mention, all major social platforms were created by men, despite the fact that women are disproportionally impacted by comparison and abuse online.

Mady & Ali believe we can do better, not only for women, but for all who have been impacted negatively by current photo-sharing platforms. As mobile-social users since age 2012, Herd's mission is focused on creating a space that would have enriched the lives of their 15 year old selves, not harmed it. 

How are we doing that? 

By re-thinking the content feedback loop, giving users control over their feed, and eliminating inherently addictive features (i.e. pull to refresh), we believe that there is room for a new category of social. We can be a tool that helps create a kinder world. 

In a media landscape filled with unrealistic beauty standards, harmful comments and toxic highlight-reel culture, Herd aims to be the greener pasture, where users can express their creativity without worrying about what other people think. We are still early days, but know the best is on the horizon.